Q: How is stone sold?
A: Stone is sold by the ton wholesale or retail if over 500 pounds is purchased. If below 500 pounds it is sold by the pound.

Q: How much does a ton weigh?
A: A ton is 2,000 pounds.

Q: How much does a pallet of stone weigh?
A: Depending upon material a stone pallet will weigh from 3,000 pounds (1.5 tons) to 4,000 pounds (2 tons).

Q: What is Building Stone?
A: Building Stone is a natural stone 3" - 5” thick and irregular shaped. It is used as veneer for both residential and commercial construction. Building stone covers approximately 40 to 45 square feet per ton.

Q: What is Chopped Stone?
A: Chopped Stone is Natural Stone that has been cut into rectangles. These rectangles will generally be approximately 4' thick (this allows them to be used on a standard 5 1/2" brick ledge). The face of most Chopped Stone will be between 4" and 8" in height length will be random usually ranging from 12" to along as 48".

Q: What is Ledge Stone?
A: Ledge Stone simply put is Chopped Stone from 1" to 4" in height.

Q: What is Dry Stack?
A: Dry Stack is a not a stone it is a technique used by the stone mason to make the stone appear to be stacked not mortared.

Q: What is Flagstone?
A: Flagstone is a natural stone varying in thickness from; 1/2"(Ultra Thin), 1", 1 1/2", 2", to 2 1/2". The face size varies from dinner plate size to as large as 24" X 48". Flagstone covers from 65 to 200 square feet per ton depending upon thickness.

Q: What is River Rock?
A: River Rock is a natural stone which has been naturally tumbled smooth in streams or rivers. Size varies from 1/4" to several feet in diameter.

Q: What is a Moss Rock?
A: Moss Rocks are natural stones quarried from the surface of the earth. When exposed to air and moisture moss or likens grow on the surface of the stone. Moss Rock is quarried in different sizes, including Builders, Mini Moss, and Boulders.

Q: What is Thin Veneer Stone?
A: Thin Veneer Stone is natural stone that has been sawed approximately 1' thick. Thin veneer is designed to be used in areas where the aesthetics of natural stone is desired but weight is an issue. When properly installed it is not distinguishable from full bed depth natural stone.